(1) Although/Though, (2) Despite/In spite of, (3) Even if/Even though

The following expressions mean ‘ in spite of something ‘.  They are subordinating conjunctions. Certain relevant points which need to be noted are given below:

(i)  The clause which they introduce is a subordinate clause, which needs a main clause to make it complete.(ii) ‘Though’ is more common than  ‘ Although ‘ in general and particularly in spoken English.(iii)  ‘ Despite ‘ is a little formal  compared to  ‘In spite of ‘.(iv) When  ‘though / although ‘comes before the main clause, a comma is usually put at the end of the clause.  When the main clause comes first, we don’t use a comma.

Example :

(1) Although / though

  • Even though he worked hard, he could not get a first class.( here subordinate clause comes first and hence the separation by a comma.)
  • He could not get a first class even though he worked hard.( here the main clause comes first and hence no separation by a comma)
  • Although he was weak, he attended the function.
  • He couldn’t secure a job although he had all the necessary qualifications.
  • Though he tried his level best, he could not pass the exam.
  • Though they are very poor, they are always neatly dressed.


(2) Despite/ In spite of

  • Despite the fact that she was sick, she went to work.
  • She went to work in spite of the fact that she was sick.
  • We went out in spite of the rain.
  • He didn’t agree with me despite the proof shown to him.

(3) Even if/ Even though ( These structures show a stronger degree of ‘Though/ Although’)

  • I will get you all the books you need even if you don’t give me the cost.
  • Even though he can’t drive, he has bought a car.
  • He will not stop fighting with his neighbours even if nobody supports him.

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  1. Though and although can be used with the main clause or subclause. While using before a subclause, we should use a coma
    after the subclause.Ain’t I correct ?
    I bless you Sunny and ur family.

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