Angry vs. being angry

  • He is very angry
    (this sentence has no special connotation other than what it clearly indicates)
  • Ravikumar is busy with his dance classes
    (i.e., he is generally busy with his dance classes.)
  • Arabian dates are so costly
    (i.e., it is so generally)

Now let us see what difference ‘being’ makes

  • Soja is being very angry now!
    (This sentence indicates that the speaker is surprised to see why she is very angry. Because she is generally not angry)
  • I don’t know why he is being late today
    (i.e., he is not usually late)
  • She is being very generous to the poor
    (i.e., usually she is not generous.)
  • I don’t know why Thomaskutty is being very unhappy.
    (i.e., otherwise he is a very happy individual.)
  • Arabian dates are being very costly now.
    (i.e., usually it is not costly)

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