At, On, In

At, On, In : Grammatical explanations will be unnecessary in this case.  The examples given will clarify the usage.

AT :

  • He arrived at 10 o’ clock.
  • I will meet you at Bolgatty Palace.
  • At present I have no idea to marry her.
  • He is very busy at the moment.  I am afraid you can’t meet him now.
  • At midnight, at sunset, at lunchtime etc

Note :  We don’t usually say, ‘ At what time…?

  • What time are you going out this evening?

ON :

  • She arrived on Friday.
  • He will fly to New York on 25th December.
  • On Christmas day
  • On my birthday

IN :

  • In the morning/ afternoon/ evening
  • In December, in 1999 etc

Note:  We do not use  AT/ON/IN before Last/ Next/ This/ Every.

  • I will see you next Friday.
  • They got married last February.
  • I am meeting him this evening.
  • We met him last month at Hotel Indraprastha.

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