Council vs. Counsel

Council = (noun) a formally constituted body of people meeting for administrative or advisory purposes; governing body; legislative body etc.

  • Their party won the majority of seats to the local council elections.
  • The municipal council awarded special privileges to the school buses for children up to 5th standard.
  • The United Nations Security Council.
  • The council is planning ways of controlling plastic waste left on roadsides by travellers.

Counsel = (noun, verb) guidance, advice, instruction etc especially that given formally.

  • Experts have come forward to counsel the people of Kerala affected by the worst ever flood.
  • His job involves counselling young married couples as to how they should lead a happy married life.
  • He didn’t heed his father’s wise counsel and lost a major part of his assets in the unexplored business.
  • we approached a leading advocate for legal counsel on the sale of our landed property.
  • (2) advocate, barrister.
  • Her counsel told the jury that the charges were false.

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