Difference -Mature vs Matured (as adjectives)

Mature(adjective) – fully grown or developed.

(NOTE:- when you are talking about people, the usual word is ‘MATURE’  (NOT matured)

  • He’s a mature boy of sixteen ( Not matured).
  • She’s a mature woman.
  • He took a mature decision about the marriage of his daughter.
  • He’s not mature enough to get married.
  • Nehru was a mature political leader.


  • He felt that he had grown up and matured very much.
  • Boys mature more slowly than girls both physically and psychologically.


  • The whisky is kept here until it is matured/mature.
  • Only mature/matured apples are collected for sale.

NOTE:-  You can use mature OR matured when you are talking about things such as wine, cheese etc  OTHER THAN PEOPLE.

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