Do, Does, Did for emphasis.

When we want to emphasise a point or fact, the application of the above usage will be very useful.  They are usually used in this way when a statement is contradicted.  For example, when someone argues with you and says that you didn’t do something, you can defend your side by the way as explained below.

  • A : You didn’t deliver the message to him I gave you, did you?
  • B: No, I did deliver the message to him.

Differentiating examples are given below for more clarity.

  • She loves flowers.
  • She does love flowers.( emphasised)
  • She loved flowers
  • She did love flowers.(emphasised)
  • He has a collection of antiques.
  • He does have a collection of antiques.(emphasised)
  • A: The manager tells me you did not do the work.
  • B: I did do the work.  I’m afraid he has not seen it.
  • A: He did not go to the office.
  • B: No, I saw him in the office.  He did come to the office.
  • A: They do not like my children.
  • B: No, they do like your children.  They have given a packet of toffee for your children.

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