Idiomatic expression of ‘Wish’ – part 2( state based)

This part deals a past non-existent state which one remembers with a sense of loss. Or in other words, it refers to the present thinking of someone about an unsuccessful state in the past.

Structure : Use past perfect of “were/was”  (i.e had been) .


  • I wish I had been healthy like you. (i.e I was not healthy like you)
  • I wish I had not been a heart patient.(  but unfortunately I was a heart patient)
  • She wishes she had been as beautiful as Iswarya Ray . ( but she was not….)
  • He wishes he had been as strong as Mohammed Ali.( but he was not…)
  • She wishes Tomi had been there to help her out.( i.e Tomi was not there…)

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