Idiomatic expression of ‘Wish’ – part 3(state based)

This part deals with a past non-existent state which one viewed with a sense of loss. Or in other words it refers to an unsuccessful state in the past which one thought of wishfully.


  • I wished I had been healthy like you. ( i.e I wished to be healthy like you but I was not…)
  • I wished I had been a film star like Mammootty.(I wished  but unfortunately I was not a star like Mammootty)
  • She wished she had been as beautiful as Iswarya Ray. ( she wished so but she wasn’t….)
  • He wished he had been as strong as Mohammed Ali.( he wished so but he was not……….)
  • I wished I had been so rich to buy a ship.( I wished so but I was not……..)

Note: Here the reporting verb should be in the past (i.e wished) and note the sequence of verb of which the the third form is to be used invariably in this case and the verb pattern is given below for you easy grasp.

Am/Is/Are —-Was/Were——Had been.

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