Such………that .  It is a correlative conjunction.  It is used to give reason for a particular result.  It can be used to combine two sentences.

Examples :

  • It was a very hot afternoon.  We stopped playing.
  • It was such a hot afternoon that we stopped playing. (combined)
  • The boy asked a very foolish question.  Everyone laughed at him.
  • The boy asked such a foolish question that everyone laughed at him. (combined)
  • It was a very interesting story.  I read it in one sitting.
  • It was a such an interesting story that I read it in one sitting.( combined)
  • V.R.Dilipkumar is a great musician.  He went all the way to London to take part in the music festival.
  • V.R.Dilipkumar is such a great musician that he went all the way to London to take part in the music festival.(combined)
  • He is a very poor boy.  He cannot afford college education.
  • He is such a poor boy that he cannot afford college education.(combined)
  • A car is a costly thing for him.  He cannot afford to buy a car with his meagre savings.
  • A car is such a costly thing for him that he cannot afford to buy one with his meagre savings.(combined)

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