throw away vs. throwaway

Throw away = To get rid of something.

  • We threw away the old newspaper.

Throwaway = designed to be used only once; something of small value.

  • A throwaway ball pen.
  • Throwaway cups and plates.
  • Theirs is a throwaway culture. ( a way of life which gives little value to people and things)


Every body = each (dead) body.

  • Every body was collected from the battlefield.

Everybody = everyone; each person.

  • Everybody has to obey the rules without exception.


Can not – you have the freedom not to do something.

  • You can not accept the charity offered.
    (i.e., If you do not want it, you can decline the offer.)

Cannot is the opposite of can.

  • You cannot violate the rules of the college.


Common place 

  • The common places in a city – airport, bus station, park, playground, etc.

Commonplace = 1) ordinary, average, cliched, unoriginal.

  • Nowadays costly cars are increasingly commonplace.
  • Theirs is a commonplace remark about modernity.

2) A boring remark that is used very often and does not have much meaning.

  • We exchanged commonplaces about the weather during the tea-break.

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