Useful Idioms – part 27

Talk shop = talk about work/job when you are not at work( with those you work with).

  • Even at a party they have to talk shop , i.e  talk about one’s work and this is boring for the other people who do not do the same work.
  • Please don’t talk shop.  It’s too boring for the rest of us.

Spread the word = communicate a message to a lot of people.

  • We have arranged a meeting for next Thursday so if you see anyone do spread the word.
  • Hey, the game is cancelled due to the rain-  spread the word.
  • Spread the word that we are leaving in five minutes.

Keep track = to make certain that you know what is happening or has happened to something/someone.

  • My sister has had so many jobs , it’s hard for me to keep track (of what she is doing).
  • You have so many students.  I really wonder how you keep track of them all.
  • (Opp) I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve lost my keys.

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