Useful Idioms – part 32

Green with envy = very envious or jealous.

  • Renz is heading off to Dubai for a week, and I am green with envy.
  • Singapore’s economy turned the world  green with envy.

Get green fingers or have green thumb = be good at gardening or planting seedlings.

  • My mother has got green fingers.  Everything she plants in the garden grows well.
  • My husband has green thumb.
  • His sister can keep any plant alive, even the ones that he’s nearly killed;  she seriously has green fingers.

Green light = permission.

  • The council has given the green light to the new shopping centre.
  • We’re just waiting to get green light from our managers before we release the latest software update.
  • As soon as we get the green light , we’ll start advertising for new staff.

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