Useful Idioms – part 38

Be wide of the mark = be wrong or miss what you were trying to hit; incorrect or not accurate.

  • Yesterday’s weather forecast was a little wide of the mark
  • Watch out, the arrow is going wide of the mark!
  • I thought I knew what real estate costs around here, but I was wide of the mark.

Do something on the spur of the moment = do something suddenly without planning; on impulse. ( spur= metal on boot which makes horse go faster – related to horse-riding)

  • I don’t generally do things on the spur of the moment.
  • It wasn’t spur of the moment decision.  We discussed it in detail beforehand.
  • I decided on the spur of the moment to invite him.

Be on the cards = be likely to happen.

  • An election is on the cards this year.
  • It is still on the cards that I’ll get a contract for the job.
  • A: So you think they will get married next year.
  • B: I think it’s on the cards.

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