Vindicate vs Vindictive

Vindicate = (verb) justify, substantiate, confirm.

  • Vindicate a claim.
  • Vindicate one’s title to a claim.
  • Vindicate the veracity of one’s judgement.
  • Events have vindicated his judgement/action.
  • These discoveries vindicate his theories.
  • (2) To clear of accusation ,blame or doubt with supporting argument/proof.
  • He will be completely vindicated by the evidence.
  • He felt vindicated when the truth became known.


Vindictive = (adjective) unforgiving ,vengeful, disposed to seek revenge.

  • He’s a vindictive man.
  • Her mother-in-law is a vindictive woman who burned all her clothes.
  • ‘ Why are you so vindictive towards me’   she said.
  • The vindictiveness of the two brothers caused them to constantly fight.
  • She thinks I’m very crazy and vindictive.

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