Affection vs. Affectation

Affection = gentle lasting love like that of a parent for child.

  • He has a deep affection for his old friends.
  • She doesn’t show any affection for him.
  • They showed a great amount of affection and gratitude for a small favour done by us.
  • An affectionate hug/child.

Affectation = behaviour which is not one’s natural manner.

  • She is sincere and quite without affectation.
  • I wore sunglasses and people thought it was an affectation.
  • The way she speaks reeks of affectation.

Affected = (adjective) pretended, not real, insincere.

  • He spoke with an affected English accent.
  • She had an affected smile on her face.
  • He spoke in an affected manner.

Affect =(verb) influence, to cause some result or change in.

  • Smoking affects health.
  • The strike of mine-workers affected the price of coal.
  • The government policy of the new taxation will affect the business community.

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