Housewife, househusband, homemaker.

Housewife =(female)  a married woman who doesn’t have a full-time job outside the house.

  • She doesn’t want to give up her job and become a housewife.
  • Most women in Kerala don’t necessarily give up their jobs and become housewives when they get married.

Househusband =(male) a husband who stays at home and cleans the house, cooks meals etc while his wife goes out to work.

  • He married a well-qualified nurse working abroad with good salary and perquisites (perks) and now he is a happy househusband.
  • Now-a-days the number of househusbands is increasing day-by-day and the employed wives happily welcome the trend.

Homemaker =(male or female)  a person who manages a home and often raises children instead of earning money from job.

  • Moly was earning more as teacher than Sunny as a banker, so they agreed that Sunny would be the homemaker when their second child Jithu was born.
  • In the olden times when I was a child , menfolk thought that it was shameful to be a homemaker.
  • His wife is a good homemaker.

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