Grocery vs.Provisions

Grocery/groceries = items of food sold in a grocer’s shop such as flour ,sugar, tinned food etc.


Green grocer = shopkeeper selling vegetables and fruit.


Related usages :  to the grocer/to the grocer’s = to the grocer’s shop.

  • He has gone to the grocer’s.
  • Similar usages :  to the baker/ to the baker’s
  • Are you going to the baker/to the baker’s?
  • to the butcher/to the butcher’s
  • to the doctor/to the doctor’s.

Provisions = (plural) supplies of food and other necessary things such buckets, cups and detergents etc

  • Provisions for journey.( Not provision)
  • But , a provision merchant/shop. ( Not provisions)
  • Note:-  All groceries can be provisions, but all provisions are not groceries.

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