Antics vs Antique

Antics = Foolish or amusing behaviour e.g by a clown at circus etc.( when you pronounce this word give stress at the first syllable.)

  • In the movie the comedian displays his antics and mannerisms.
  • Their physical antics and comic duets made the audience laugh.
  • She had little patience for his antics and stupidity.
  • The antics of our own political parties.
  • The clown’s antics made the children laugh.

Antique = Belonging to the past  e.g a piece of furniture , a work of art etc. ( Here you give stress at the second syllable)

  • She loves collecting antiques (noun)
  • I can’t give away my grandfather’s walking stick.  It’s an invaluable antique for me! (noun)
  • Antique shop = ( a shop where antiques are sold. (adjective)
  • An antique clock. (adjective)
  • Statues of antique gods. (adjective)


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