Appreciative vs. Appreciable

Appreciative = feeling or showing gratitude, pleasure ; understanding.

  • The opening lecture of his course was listened to by a large and appreciative audience.
  • He was an earnest and appreciative student.
  • I am appreciative of your efforts to improve the lots of orphans.
  • He smiled appreciatively at her.
  • Her novel received a number of appreciative reviews.
  • I am appreciative of the support and help given by you in my extremities.


Appreciable = considerable, substantial, large or important enough to be noticed.

  • Pupils may have to travel appreciable distances.
  • An appreciable amount of liquor is being consumed in Kerala , which is not a healthy trend.
  • He perceived an appreciable difference in the enthusiasm of students after the new principal took charge.
  • After using chemical manures , there was an appreciable improvement in the agricultural productivity.

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