Exploit(verb) vs. Exploit(noun)

Exploit = (verb) 1- make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).

  • We should exploit our scarce resources in the most scientific way.
  • The company should try to exploit the new technology for growth and expansion.
  • The government should adopt ways and means to exploit the untapped natural resources.

(2)  use selfishly for one’s own profits  , make use of (a situation) in an unfair way.

  • Some companies are trying to exploit child labour ruthlessly.
  • They exploit the situation through legal loophole.
  • They are exploiting the migrant labourers without providing them with the shelter as agreed by the contract.


Exploit = (noun) bold and adventurous act. something unusual , brave or funny that someone has done.

  • They were telling us about their exploits while travelling around Africa.
  • The exploits of Alexander the Great.
  • He was narrating his wartime exploits to the villagers after his retirement.
  • There were a series of colourful exploits in the circus tent.

Note:- For verb, the stress on the second syllable and for noun on the first syllable.

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