At that moment, at the moment, the moment – usage?

At that momentat that particular time.

  • I was just about to enter the interview room. At that moment an old friend of mine appeared like a bolt from the blue.
  • I was just reaching the railway station. Just at that moment, my car broke down.

At the momentnow, at the present time.

  • At the moment I’m working in a restaurant.
  • At the moment I’m reading an interesting novel. (Not necessarily one is reading the novel right now, but he has started to read the novel and covered a portion of it, but not finished)

The moment Рas soon as.

  • The moment I saw him, I recognized him.
  • The moment she received the letter, she replied to it.
  • The moment¬†Kerala was in the grip of the flood, thousands of fishermen jumped into rescue action risking their lives.

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