Be used to

After ‘ Be used to’ if a verb follows , ING has to be added to the verb.  But , if it follows a Noun no change takes place.

  • He is used to working hard . OR – he is used to hard work
  • He was used to working hard. OR – he was used to hard work.
  • I am used to getting up early.( i.e I don’t find any difficulty in getting up early and it is quite normal as far as I am concerned.)

Note :  Differentiate ‘I used to do’  and ‘ I am used to doing’.  They are altogether different structurally and meaning-wise.

  • The old lady is used to living alone. ( i.e  She lives alone and she doesn’t find it strange or difficult because she has been living alone for some time.)

Now compare the following sentence.

  • The old lady used to live alone.(i.e she lived alone in the past but no longer lives alone).

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