Examples related to ‘ Used to’ (Be/get used to something.)

  • Our new boss is an American.  When he came to India he found driving on the left difficult.  Because. he wasn’t used to it.  OR – he wasn’t used to driving on the left.

He came to understand he had to practise it well before he could drive on road safely.

After a lot of practice, driving on the left has become easy to him.  Now he has got used to driving on the left.

  • I was not used to the weather in London, so I returned immediately.
  • Our new flat is on a busy street.  I expect we will get used to the noise, at the moment it’s very disturbing.
  • Johny has been transferred to Kochi, 70 km away from home .  Now he has to get up by 5′ o clock in the morning.  He finds it  difficult because he isn’t used to getting up so early.
  • These people are from a remote village.  They are not used to the city style of life.



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