Confident vs. Confidant

Confident = (adjective) showing confidence.

  • We are confident of success.
  • The class teacher made a confident prediction that Rahim would secure the first rank.
  • She was a confident swimmer.
  • I feel much more confident about using the web now.
  • I am confident that I have chosen the right job.


Confidant = (noun) A person to whom one tells one’s secrets or with whom one talks about personal matters.

  • In prison the killer told his confidant, his roommate, about all the murders he had committed.
  • The patient knows their doctor is a confidant who will never reveal the secrecy of their illness.
  • As she feels her husband is her confidant, she tells everything to him.

Note:-  The feminine gender of confidant is confidante.(very rarely used and the pronunciation is the same).

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