Contemptible vs. Contemptuous

Contemptible :-  deserving to be treated with contempt..

  • She has played a contemptible trick on her friend.
  • He’s a contemptible politician known to take bribes even from poor people.
  • The jury sentenced capital punishment to the contemptible rapist.
  • He’s a contemptible man who won’t appreciate the virtues and exceptional capabilities of others, maybe he is devoid of any of these qualities to his credit.


Contemptuous :- showing contempt.

  • He gave a contemptuous laugh.
  • She talked in a contemptuous tone about the poor local farmers.
  • The snobbish man looked at the poor servant with a contemptuous smile.
  • He’s very contemptuous of Carnatic Musicians whom he describes as having no sense of modernity.
  • She’s contemptuous of my humble background.

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