Get / Have something done.

Have / Get something done  :  When we use  ‘ Have something done ‘  we mean that we arrange for somebody else to do something for us.(1)

  • Prof.George can repair his car.(repair himself)
  • (OR) He can have the car repaired.(i.e he can arrange for somebody to repair)
  • Prof.George repaired his car.( i.e he repaired himself – past)
  • Prof.George had his car repaired.(i.e he arranged for somebody to repair it – past)
  • A:  Are you going to clean the room or will you have it cleaned?
  • B:  No, I am so tired.  I will have it cleaned by the servant.
  • The newly-weds are having their photographs taken.(i.e The photographer is taking the photos)
  • Did she make her churidar or did she have it stitched outside?
  • She had her churidar stitched at City Tailors.
  • Where did you have your hair cut?
  • I had my hair cut at Royal Saloon.

(2)  We can say  ‘Get something done ‘ instead of ‘ Have something done ‘( mainly in informal spoken English)

  • She got her churidar stitched .(i.e she had her churidar stitched)
  • He got his hair cut.
  • She got her dresses washed.
  • He got his car repaired.

(3)  Sometimes  ‘ Have something done ‘  has a different meaning.  It refers to something happening to somebody or their belongings.  Usually what happens is not pleasant.

  • He had his two sons wounded in the Iran- Iraq war.
  • He had his left hand broken in the accident.
  • When they got home after the film they found that they had all their money stolen.
  • You look very perplexed, what happened to you?  Have you had your purse stolen?

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