Housemaid, Nursemaid, or Wet Nurse?

Housemaid = Female servant in a house, especially one who cleans rooms etc; domestic help.

  • How did you know I wanted a housemaid?
  • She lives in a modest looking house with a housemaid.

Nursemaid = Woman or girl employed to look after babies and small children.

  • When I was a child, my nursemaid sang me lullabies whenever I was worried or afraid.
  • She worked as a nursemaid to the family of a minister.

Wet Nurse = woman who cares for and breastfeeds other people’s babies as a job.

  • The choosing of a wet nurse is a matter of great responsibility.
  • She had to engage a wet nurse because she could not nurse the child herself.
  • She had a wet nurse for the infant.


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