Idiomatic expression of ‘Wish’ – part 1 (action based)

This part deals with the present thinking of someone about a present situation.  Here one imagines a non-fact to be an actual fact.  This is wishful thinking of someone and naturally beyond their capacity.  We use the past tense after ‘Wish’ to imagine  a non-fact to be an actual fact.  We express our regret that something is not as we would like it to be. It can be viewed in three perspectives, viz (a) action-based) , (b) state based, (c) possession based.



EXAMPLES( action-based)

  • I wish I could sing like him.( i.e I am not able to sing like him)
  • They wish they could build a palatial house.( but they don’t have enough money)
  • I wish I could run like P.T.Usha.( i.e I cannot run like P.T.Usha)
  • She wishes she could pass the exam with a first class.(i.e but she knows she won’t be able to pass………….)
  • I wish I could help you.( but I haven’t any money with me)
  • I wish I knew his phone number. ( but I don’t know his phone number and I regret this)
  • I wish it wasn’t/weren’t raining.( but it’s raining now)
  • He wishes he didn’t have to work today. (but the fact is that he has got to work today)
  • I wish I was enjoying myself.( here the indication is that I am not able to enjoy myself though I want to)
  • I don’t feel well.  I wish I felt better.
  • I wish he could understand me. (i.e he is not able to understand me)

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