Idiomatic expression of ‘Wish’ -part 1( possession-based)

This part deals with the wishful thinking of someone about how good/happy it would be to have/possess something in the present though actually they don’t possess it.

  • She wishes she had a post-graduation in Science.(but she has no PG in Science)
  • He wishes he had a CRETA car.( i.e actually he doesn’t possess a CRETA car)
  • She wishes she had long beautiful hair.(  NOT she has long…)
  • The Head Mistress wishes the school had a beautiful garden.(NOT school has…)
  • John wishes he had a motorbike.(NOT he has.a botorbike..)
  • The poor man wishes he had his own house.(NOT the poor man wishes he has…….)
  • I wish I had enough money to help you ( but the fact is that I don’t have enough money)


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