It is said that…………He is said to

It is said that……….He is said to.

  • It is said that he is a good man. (OR) He is said to be a good man.
  • It is said that Taj Mahal is more than 400 years old. (OR) Taj Mahal is said to be more than 400 years old.
  • It is expected that the strike will be settled soon.(OR)  The strike is expected to be settled soon.

You can use these structures with a number of other verbs as:

Understood, known, believed, alleged, reported, thought, expected, considered, observed etc.

  • He is understood to have submitted the resignation letter.
  • It is alleged that he committed the crime.
  • Dr.Jo Joseph is known to be the best Cardiologist.
  • Two people are reported to have been injured in the accident.
  • Ginger juice is considered to be the best medicine for stomach ache.
  • It is believed that the summer wind from north brings in diseases.


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