Provided Or Providing = On condition that

Provided  Or Providing =  On condition that


  • You can borrow my pen provided you return it tomorrow.
  • I will go to meet the customer provided my expenses are paid by the bank.
  • Provided (that) he studies hard, he’ll pass his exams.
  • Provided (that) there is demand from the customers, we will happily introduce the new product.
  • I will go there to meet him providing my expenses are paid by you.
  • Providing (that) the minister comes in time, we’ll submit a memorandum
  • Providing (that) the members are willing , we will arrange a pleasure trip to Veegaland.
  • Provided (that) there are surplus funds with us, we can think of additional facilities for the trainees.
  • Provided (that) the bus leaves on time, we should reach the station in time.
  • She’s welcome to come with us provided (that) she behaves herself.

Note:  In modern English the use of ‘ that ‘ after provided/providing is often omitted.

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