Simple Future Tense

Simple future Tense : This is used to indicate an action that is still to take place.  ‘ Shall ‘  is used in the first person and ‘ Will ‘ with the second and third persons.

Structure :  Subject + Shall/ Will + Verb ( root form)

  • We shall see you again next Sunday.
  • I shall be 46 years of age next year.
  • I shall see him tomorrow.
  • She will not go to school tommow.
  • Rahul and Raichal will go to Dubai next week.
  • You will be alright within a couple of weeks.
  • Jose, ” Murali is in hospital “
  • Rahul, ” Oh really? I didn’t know.  I will go and visit him.

Note :  However in modern English the difference between ‘ I shall ‘ and  ‘I will ‘ is gradually disappearing and mostly these two expressions are reduced to  ‘I ‘ll ‘ (short form of ‘ I will ‘) and it has become most acceptable in written English as well as spoken English.


  • We ‘ll see you again next Sunday.
  • I ‘ll be 46 years of age next year.
  • I ‘ll see him tomorrow.

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