Polite Requests

Polite Requests  :  For making polite requests, we use WILL, CAN and MAY.  You can make them still more polite by using past tense forms of them.(i.e Would, Could, and Might).


  • May I ask you a question?
  • Might I ask you a question?( more polite)
  • Can you lend me your umbrella?
  • Could you lend me your umbrella, please? (more polite)
  • Can you do me a favour?
  • Could you do me a favour?( more polite)
  • Will you post this letter , please?
  • Would you post this letter, please?(more polite)

Polite statements :

  • I have a doubt about the question.  I should like to have more clarifications.
  • I was told you have bought a new car.  I would like to see your new car. When can I come?
  • Is the manager available now?  My brother would like to see him for a few minutes.

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