Lunch, supper & dinner?

Lunch = meal taken in the middle of the day.

Supper = meal taken in the evening/night.

Dinner = the main meal of the day eaten either at mid-day or in the evening.

DINNER doesn’t necessarily mean a meal eaten at the evening or night. According to English customs, there is only one main meal a day (either at midday or in the evening) and they call it DINNER.

When you have your main meal in the midday, you call it dinner instead of lunch, and evening meal being supper.

Similarly, when you have your main meal in the evening, you call it dinner and the midday meal will be called lunch. (Not dinner)


Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner (Not supper)

Breakfast – Dinner – Supper (Not Dinner)


  • The children have to pay for their school dinners. (i.e., midday meal provided by the school)
  • What time do you have your dinner?


However: Dinner is a formal occasion/party in the EVENING when this meal is eaten.

  • I’ve received an invitation to dinner.
  • We are giving a dinner in honour of our retiring Executive Director, Jorty.

Similarly: If a formal party is held at midday with a meal, we call it LUNCHEON.

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