Luxuriant vs. Luxurious

Luxuriant =  strong in growth, abundant.

  • The luxuriant vegetation of tropical region .
  • Tall, luxuriant plants grew along the river bank.
  • This area gets a lot of rain and covered with luxuriant forest.
  • She had luxuriant hair which fell around her shoulders.
  • This tree has wide-spreading branches and luxuriant foliage.

Luxurious = supplied with luxury, very  comfortable.

  • She lived in luxurious surroundings.
  • This  is a luxury hotel.
  • They spent a luxurious weekend at the Kovalam beach.
  • During the training programme , the company gave them luxurious accommodation.
  • He is a person with luxurious tastes.
  • He dreams of a highly paid job in order to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

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