Shine-shined-shined vs. shine- shone-shone.

(A) Shine =(transitive verb) to make something bright by rubbing it. (shine-shined-shined)

  • “Have you shined your belt? “.the senior police officer asked the new cadet.
  • It’s his practice to shine his shoes well before going to the office.
  • He ironed his shirt and shined his shoes for the interview.
  • The policeman walked along the street ,shining a torch into every car.
  • The soldier shined his sword before entering into the battlefield.

(B) Shine =(intransitive verb) -( 1) of the sun or other sources of light ) beam, radiate, glow etc.(shine-shone-shone)

  • The sun shone through the window .
  • His face shone out with excitement.
  • Wear dark glasses so that the sun won’t shine in your eyes.

(2) be very talented and perform well

  • She shone at Mathematics in her quarterly exams.
  • He’s terrible at languages, but shines  at science.


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