May and Might

May and Might  (1) We use  ‘May’ or ‘ Might ‘ to say that something is a possibility.  ‘ Might ‘ expresses the maximum degree of hesitancy.

  • It may be true.  (OR)  It might be true ( more hesitant)
  • She may (or might) know the details.
  • It might not be true.
  • Might I borrow your pen, please? ( more hesitant than ‘May’)
  • Might this be the answer?
  • That might be the answer but I doubt it.
  • He may (or might) come to the party.
  • What he said might be true.
  • Tomi might be in a position to help you for your house construction.

(2) May or Might is used for making a polite request.

  • (i) Can I borrow your pen, please?
  • (ii)  May I borrow your pen, please?
  • (iii)  Might I borrow your pen, please? ( Sentence No (ii) is more hesitant or polite than (i) and Sentence (iii) is the most hesitant or polite of all the three)
  • May I come in, sir?
  • Might I ask you a question?
  • May I ask a favour from you?
  • Might I park my car near your gate?
  • May I call the servant in to clean the table?

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