Miss, Ms, Mrs, Missis/Missus?

Miss – title for an unmarried woman or girl who has no other title.

  • Miss Reshma

Ms – is used for a married or unmarried woman (OR in other words, it is the feminine gender of Mr.) ‘Mr’ doesn’t indicate whether one is married or unmarried.

There are women who prefer to be known as individuals in their own capacities as women instead of being known as the wives of their husbands. And in certain cases, we do not know whether they are married or not. In such cases, we have got to use ‘Ms. before their names.

Mrs – is used for a married woman before her name.

[ Miss, Ms, and Mrs are prefixed before the names of women as the case may be and therefore they are not used alone ]

BUT, Missis or Missus = a person’s wife.

  • I’ll have to ask the missis.
  • How is your missis?
  • John and his missis.
  • My missis won’t like horror movies.

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