Not only ……..but also

Not only………..but also.

The above structure can be explained well through an example as follows:

  • Tom is a good painter.  He is a singer too.
  • Tom is not only a good painter but also a singer.(combined)
  • Not only is Tom a good painter but also a singer.( emphasis added)

( From these two sentences we can understand that the speaker has given prominence to the fact that he is a good painter.  And he adds that he is a singer too.  Here what is more prominent is placed immediately after ‘ Not only ‘ and the less prominent (or sometimes equally prominent) succeeds ‘But also’.  To add emphasis, we can use ‘Not only’ at the beginning of a clause.  In such a situation, as the sentence starts with a negative word, an inversion of the subject and the auxiliary(verb) is a must.

  • This medicine is good.  It is cheap also.
  • This medicine is not only good but also cheap.(combined)
  • Not only is this medicine good but also cheat.(emphasis added)
  • He is very strong. He is wise too.
  • He is not only very strong but also wise.(combined)
  • Not only is he very strong but also wise.(emphasis added)
  • You should go there.  Also, you should meet the manager.
  • You should not only go there but also meet the manager.(combined)
  • Not only should you go there but also meet the manager.(emphasis added)
  • She sings well.  She draws beautiful pictures also.
  • She not only sings well but also draws beautiful pictures.(combined)
  • Not only does she sing well but also draws beautiful pictures.(emphasis added)

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