As well as

As well as :  In the case of ‘ As well as’  we notice a basic structural difference from that of ‘Not only ….but also ‘.  Here the less prominent aspect is mentioned first and the more prominent aspect is placed after ‘As well as ‘.  Both the structures can be used for mentioning two equally prominent aspects also.

  • He is a good painter.  He is a singer too.
  • He is a singer as well as a good painter.(combined)
  • Raju helped me out in my extremities.  He gave me his advice too.
  • Raju gave me his advice as well as helped me out in my extremities.(combined)
  • This medicine is good.  It is cheap too.
  • This medicine is cheap as well as good.(combined)
  • War causes loss of precious human lives.  It causes miseries to numerous people too.
  • War causes miseries to numerous people as well as loss of precious human lives.(combined)

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