Now that

Now that :  We use ‘ Now that ‘ to give an explanation for a new situation/development. It shows what has given rise to a new situation or it shows the result of an action or development. To explain further,  ” Now that ” describes a situation that is true and allows for the possibility of something else to happen.  It’s often used to describe a cause and effect relationship. Usually, ‘Now that’  comes at the beginning of the sentence.

  • Now that the Mayor has arrived, we can begin the programme.
  • Now that he is in standard X, he must spend more time on his studies.
  • Now that he lives only one and a half kilometres from the office, he walks to work and enjoys it.
  • Now that the workers have come, you can start the work.
  • Now that you have got the salary, you can think of going for a trip.
  • Now that the construction of the building is over, you can let it out for business.

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