On my own/ On your own etc means ‘Alone ‘

On my own/ On your own etc means  ‘ Alone ‘

  • On my own     = by myself
  • On your own   = by yourself ( singular)
  • On your own   = by yourselves (plural)
  • On our own     = by ourselves
  • On their own   = by themselves
  • On her own     = by herself
  • On his own     = by himself
  • On its own      = by itself
  • Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on their own.(or by themselves)
  • The box was too heavy for him to lift by himself.(or to lift on his own)
  • A:  Was there anybody with him when you met him yesterday?
  • B: No, he was by himself.
  • Those small children should not be allowed to go swimming by themselves.
  • We didn’t get workers to decorate the reception hall.  So we did all the decorations on our own. ( or by ourselves)
  • I always take my family with me when I go on holiday.  I don’t like to go on holiday on my own.

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