Observation vs. Observance

Observation = (1) the act of closely observing or monitoring someone or something ; scrutiny ; close examination.

  • According to the doctors the patient needs to be under medical observation for a week.
  • Movements of planets are under the close observation of scientists.

(2) something that you have learned by seeing or watching and thinking about it.

  • She has good power of observation.
  • This book contains observations about the causes of cancer.
  • The court observed that if bail was granted to the accused, there was a chance of the evidence being tampered with and the witnesses influenced.

Observance = convention, custom ; following of certain rules , rituals etc.

  • The manager insisted strict observance of rules while discharging the duties.
  • Some people give undue importance to the observance of religious rituals.
  • My grandfather is strict about the observance of family conventions.

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  1. I wholeheartedly appreciate you for the content of your blog. Firstly, it dwells on similar words which we use often, but with quite different meanings. Secondly, as only one pair of words is discussed every day, its meaning, usage and context are fully grasped and retained. It is useful not only for the students but for the elders also.

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