Terrible vs. Terrific

Terrible = extremely bad or serious, causing great fear or horror.

  • The heat is terrible in Delhi during summer.
  • What terrible food they gave us!
  • His behaviour is terribly bad.
  • The weather in Nagaland is terrible during winter.

Terrific = very good, great, causing fear.

  • Mammootty looked absolutely terrific in the movie ” Oru vadakkan veeragadha”.
  • This book is going to have a terrific influence on the youth.
  • They chased the robbers at terrific speed.
  • You have got a terrific opportunity to fly to the US.
  • Dr.K.J.Yesudas , popularly known as ‘Ganagandharvan’ , is a terrific Indian playback singer and an accomplished Carnatic musician.

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