Possessive Adjective and Possessive Pronoun

Possessive Adjective                Possessive Pronoun

  • My                                       Mine
  • Your                                    Yours
  • His                                      His
  • Her                                      Hers
  • Their                                   Theirs
  • Its                                        Its
  • Our                                     Ours

A Possessive Adjective in a sentence is immediately followed by a noun, but a Possessive Pronoun is not succeeded by a noun immediately.

  • Is this your book? ( Possessive Adjective)
  • Is this book yours? OR  Is this yours? (Possessive Pronoun)

Note: The usages of possessive adjective need not be explained as it is very clear and does not involve complicated grammatical or structural explanations.  So let’s see the usages of Possessive Pronouns.  We say ‘ a friend of mine/ yours/ hers/ ours/ theirs (NOT  ‘ a friend of me/ your/ her/ our/ their etc)

  • He is an old friend of mine.(i.e one of my old friends)
  • Is this yours or hers?
  • He is a near relative of mine.
  • He met a relation of his yesterday.
  • She invited all friends of hers to her birthday party.
  • A friend of yours came here yesterday.
  • I met a friend of Neethu’s at the party.
  • Is that boy a friend of Jithu’s?
  • We went on holiday with some friends of ours.
  • Mine is small house. (i.e my house is a small one)
  • Yours is a beautiful one.
  • Hers is a cruel mother-in-law.
  • Ours is a small village.

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