Who…………….That : When applied to people ‘WHO’ is preferred to ‘ That’.  But after superlatives, only,  all,  any  and  ‘it is’  OR  ‘it was’  etc  ‘ THAT’ is preferred to ‘ Who ‘.

Examples for ‘ WHO ‘ preference.

  • He is the boy who got the first prize.
  • The man who is in charge of the library has not come.

Examples for ‘ THAT ‘ preference.

  • Sachin is the best batsman that played in the last world cup. ( the best batsman – superlative)
  • Dr.K.J.Yesudas is the only singer that has performed in more than fifteen thousand stages.( the only)
  • Any musician that wants to sing in Guruvayoor Melpathoor Auditorium should have enough experience.( any musician)
  • It is the manager that takes important decisions in our office.( it is the manager)
  • All the people that were present liked the programme.( all the people)

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