Question Tags – Part 2

See Part – 1 for introductory contents –

Note:- A suggestion that uses ‘let us ‘ (let’s) uses ‘shall we?’ in the tag

  • Let’s have a game of cricket, shall we? (P)

Note:- Although ‘everybody’ and ‘everyone’ are singular, they are usually treated as plural for the purpose of tag and referred to by ‘they’.

  • Everybody can’t come in first, can they? (N)
  • Everyone cheered wildly, didn’t they? (P)

Note:- ‘None of’ followed by a plural noun is treated as plural.

  • None of the workmen arrived in time, did they? (N)
  • None of us knew the way, did we? (N)
  • None of the food was fresh, was it? (N)

Note:- The adverb ‘only’ may take either a positive or a negative tag. But, the positive is more usual.

  • There were only six people present, were there? OR
  • There were only six people present, weren’t there?

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