Question Tags – Part 3

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Note:- Imperative sentences ( i.e. request or command) are a class apart. If they are simple requests or commands, they usually take ‘will you?’, no matter whether it is positive or negative.

  • Pass me the newspaper, will you? (P)
  • Don’t be late for dinner, will you? (N)

BUT if you give more urgency or a tone of personal entreaty, “won’t you” may be used.

  • Don’t be hasty when you cross the road, won’t you? (N)
  • Remember to lock the door, won’t you? (P)

Note:-  To show annoyance or for a rebuke, you may use “can’t you?”

  • Use your common sense, can’t you? (P)
  • Never take my pen again without my permission, can’t you? (N)

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