What is SMALL TALK, gossip, socialize, chit-chat?

SMALL TALK = It is a conversation about unimportant things often between people who DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER WELL. It is a starter for a serious conversation or discussion while engaged in on social occasions. In a way that fills up awkward silences and makes you both feel more comfortable and friendly with each other.

  • We should find time for some small talk before any serious discussion.
  • Our MD advised the new Managers to warm up the beginning of each office meeting with some small talk.
  • Renz soon learned how to make small talk with people on social occasions.
  • Reshma doesn’t like parties where she has to make small talk with complete strangers

Examples for small talk for practical situations at a travel.

  • How’s your Hotel?
  • What do you think of the food here?
  • Will you have time for some sightseeing?
  • Is this your first visit?
  • I’ve come here twice and I find the people and their food habits good.

Gossip = idle, often ill-natured talk about the affairs of other people.

  • He’s too fond of gossip.
  • I don’t believe all the gossip I hear.

Socialize = Mix socially with others in a friendly way.

  • He enjoys socializing with his students after class.
  • We should find some time for socialization with the people around our locality.

Chit-chat = informal light conversation about matters that are not important.

  • It was a leisurely dinner with much chit-chat and laughter.

Note:- Small talk, socialize, chit-chat are viewed with a positive approval but the word GOSSIP often has a tone of disapproval.

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