Sadism vs. Masochism?

Sadism = the activity of getting pleasure, sometimes sexual, from being cruel or hurting another person. This may be sometimes considered as a mental disorder.

  • The man was a sadist who tortured animals and people.
  • “I am afraid your children will never be safe”, he said with a sadistic smile.
  • The germs of sadism are present even in children; you must have seen children hurting or annoying pet dogs or cats.
  • The villain character in the film burned the shoulder of his newly married wife with a lighted cigarette. This can be a symptom of sadism.

Masochism = the tendency to derive pleasure, sometimes sexual, by inflicting pain, suffering or humiliation on oneself.

  • He is a masochist who gets pleasure from his own physical pain or humiliation.
  • Her ability to endure his violence is not seen as helplessness or masochism,┬ábut rather as evidence of her moral strength.
  • You spent the whole weekend in a tent in the rain without food. That’s masochism.

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